We believe in the power of…PRAYER!

prayer and fasting website

Calvary Assembly strongly believes in and teaches the principle of prayer and fasting found in Matthew 6.    Although there are many other times throughout our personal lives and service schedules where we pray, we set aside a specific day of corporate prayer and fasting that we observe on the last Wednesday of every month.  This corporate prayer meeting is held in the main sanctuary from 6 – 8 pm and is open for all who would like to join with us.  This is an evening of “come and go” prayer, where you are welcome to participate and leave as your schedule allows.  Many stay the entirety of the two hours, yet there are others who are only able to join with us during a specific time.  Whatever the case may be for you, Scripture teaches us that as we humble ourselves and pray, God will hear us and move upon our needs.  We take this day to abstain from all food as well.